GiNaC 1.1.0 released

Christian Bauer Christian.Bauer at Uni-Mainz.DE
Fri Apr 4 05:00:20 CEST 2003


Receive now, mylords, version 1.1 of GiNaC, as a gift from one who has
nothing, and as a memorial of macros and print_contexts. For now our fate
is fulfilled, and--

Oops, I think I got the wrong script here. Anyway...

Today, we'd like to present GiNaC 1.1.0. This is the first release since
1.0.0 to introduce incompatible API changes (hence the "1" after the first
dot), but unless you are extending GiNaC with your own algebraic classes
you probably won't notice (be sure, though, to check the change log for a
list of things to watch out for).

So rejoice, noble ladies and lords, and behold its mighty features:

 - Added stream manipulators dflt, latex, python, python_repr, tree, csrc,
   csrc_float, csrc_double, csrc_cl_N, index_dimensions and no_index_dimensions
   to control the output format.
   [That's, like, the coolest thing, if you ask me. Lets you, like, say
   "cout << latex", and then anything you print will be, like, in LaTeX code.
   Totally smooth, man...]
 - subs() accepts an optional "options" argument. The option
   subs_option::subs_algebraic enables "smart" substitutions in products and
   [Brought to you by Chris Dams (the real one, not his substitute).]
 - The scalar_products mechanism allows the specification of an index dimension.
   [What could be beyond height and width, depth and time?]
 - Added ex::to_polynomial().
   [ex::to_rational()'s evil twin brother.]
 - Removed deprecated macros is_ex_a, is_ex_exactly_a and friends for good.
   [Begone, macros! Begone!]
 - Removed dirac_gamma6/7().
   [That's a feature?]
 - Made the hashing more simple and efficient.
   [Or so Richy claims...]

'Tis time, methinks, to join the feast:

Good night,

  / Coding on PowerPC and proud of it

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