ginsh.exe undefined references [related to: 1) stdio.h and crtdll.dll, and 2) undef. ref. from within libreadline.a]

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Subject: ginsh.exe undefined references [related to: 1) stdio.h and
crtdll.dll, and 2) undef. ref. from within libreadline.a]

I have been working on building CLN and GiNaC for about two months now.
 It took me about two weeks to build CLN by running make for two or
three hours at a time with occasional interventions for inspections and
modifications.  I have been having much more trouble with building

./configure takes a great deal of time to run; so I prefer to modify
makefiles and adjust an alias that sets up environment variables.

In order not to get confused about the many files with identical names,
I keep libraries and include files in their original hierarchies, but I
use several -I and -L directory flags; with this approach, occasionally
a "#include" in one system header will include a header from a
different package rather from the intended sibling header.  (By the
way, there needs to be a way to tell the preprocessor to prefer sibling
headers of the invoking header rather than to always follow a fixed
ordering in the search for headers.)

Because of the potential for unintended includes I also have a special
header directory listed first in order to explicitly "alias" specific
headers when necessary using absolute pathnames.  Because of using
multiple header packages, this process requires very careful and
painstaking manual checking to be sure appropriate headers are
included; of course, I can't possibly check all such possible
conflicts, but it seems reasonable to check those that seem to be a
likely cause of error messages (usually via searching for significant
embedded strings related to the error messages.  (Similar
considerations probably apply to library directories as well.)  There
needs to be a way to make life much simpler in this regard; if anyone
knows of some excellent ways to organized multiple directories for
headers (and for libraries), please let me know.

It would also be nice, for example, to have a program that
systematically investigates, categorizes (e.g., as a define, a
prototype, a reference, or other, etc.), and perhaps even provides a
dependency tree (or other graph?) for specified strings, even if the
strings are "mangled" so that they are hidden from programs like window
find or grep.  Incidentally, the cygwin grep I have does recursive
searching into subdirectories only when I specify * (all files) as the
filename; if I try to limit the search to source files or header files,
grep searches only the current directory; a fix for this problem would
also be handy.

One side-effect of my approach to organization is the prevalence of
long pathnames.  So I apologize in advance for having so many of them
that they lengthen this message considerably.

1) Undefined references related to stdio.h and crtdll.dll:

The first undefined reference is to "__imp__iob", which is apparently
declared as an external in stdio.h; apparently (from comments in
stdio.h) it is used for dynamic linking to 'crtdll.dll'.

It seems to me that libtool and the linker do not know how to set up
ginsh.exe for dynamic linking, and insist on doing static linking only
via the linker.  But a test compile & link using gcc to compile and
link a simple C++ program that includes stdio.h and executes printf
does work as expected, and Windows find finds a "__imp__iob" in the
resulting executable but not in the object module.

2) The other undefined references are apparently from within various
object modules in "libreadline.a'.  There are lots of them.  I've
included only a few in the sample make output below.  Incidentally,
./configure did not succeed with the final of about four libreadline
tests.  So I made manual modifications to config.h for libreadline (and
a few other parameters).

I have inserted a ${STARTFILE} at the end of the command line for
linking 'ginsh.exe'; STARTFILE is defined as an environment
variable--see setgccparms alias below.

I have also played with changing "build_libtool_libs=no" in libtool to 
"build_libtool_libs=yes", but that doesn't seem to make any difference.
 And I have also tried using the -export-dynamic flag on the libtool
command line, but libtool either objects that the flag is not valid or
seems to completely ignore it altogether, depending or where in the
command line I put it.

I am using a cygwin/bash overlay (downloaded and installed from a nasa
web site) on a Windows 98 SE platform; libreadline.a is a part of the
cygwin package.  CLN is version 1.1.5; GiNaC is version 1.0.9.  The
readline version is apparently 4.3.  The bash version is 2.05b.  The
build requirement in cygwin's libreadline readme file lists
"gcc-2.95.3-5 or newer"; so that may be a problem.  I'm using gcc
2.95.2; I have a copy of the gcc 3.2 source package, which is
horrendous in size.  I'm trying to be very conservative about not
building any more packages than I have to; package expansions and
builds eat up disk space very quickly and they tend to require
horrendous amounts of my time.  I'm trying to keep my work portable --
on a notebook often powered from a 12v deep-cycle auxiliary lead-acid
battery.  When Intel finally comes out with its super-high-speed,
very-low-power-consuming CPU for economical notebooks, I may then
splurge and start building software packages more freely.

The version tab page on the cygwin1.dll properties page says:
File version: 1.3.12-cygwin-1-3-12-1
Description: Cygwin POSIX Emulation DLL
API version: 0.54
BuildDate: 2002-07-06 02:16
Company Name: Red Hat
Internal Name: cygwin1.dll
Product Version: same as for "File version"
SharedMemoryVersion: 3

I have also attempted to build libreadline from scratch, but found
horrendous problems with that approach.  (The fact that libreadline
seems to be processed (for ginsh.exe) as far as finding undefined
references in it, provides some hope that I won't have to build

Can anyone help resolve these problems?

Reference information:
********* ***********

First, a snapshot of my "setgccparms" alias
for setting some environment variables.
*** ******* **** *********** *********

alias 'setgccparms=
export CC="c:/gcc/bin/gcc"
export CXX=c:/gcc/bin/c++
export CFLAGS="-g -O2"
export CXXFLAGS="-g -O2"
export LIBS="-lstdc++  -lmingw32  -lcln"
   # LIBS for linking ginsh.exe -- subject to experimental additions --
export LIBSGINSH="-lcygwin  -lreadline  -lhistory  ${LIBS}"
   # standard CPPFLAGS -- includes no cygwin system headers --
export CPPFLAGS="-DDO_GINAC_ASSERT  -Ic:/cygwin/home/Default/include  
-Ic:/gcc/include/g++-3  -Ic:/gcc/mingw32/include  
   #  Generic value for overriding in make files --
   # cygwin system include is last -- preferred approach if this works
   # allows cygwin dependence but least so
export CPPFCYG="${CPPFLAGS}  -Ic:/cygwin/usr/include"
   # cygwin system include is second --
   # prefers cygwin headers to all other system headers --
export CPPFGINSH="-DDO_GINAC_ASSERT  -Ic:/cygwin/home/Default/include  
-Ic:/cygwin/usr/include  -Ic:/gcc/include/g++-3 
   # value for LDFLAGS when making libraries
export LDFLIB="-s  -Lc:/cygwin/home/Default/lib 
   # standard LDFLAGS for executables
export LDFEXE="${LDFLIB}  -nostartfiles  
   # Default LDFLAGS for general use --
export LDFLAGS="${LDFEXE}"
   # Something to concatenate with LDFLAGS for linking ginsh --
export LDFCYGAD="-Lc:/cygwin/lib"
   # Something to add to link command lines for executables
export STARTFILE="-nostartfiles 

Second, a part of the make output
******                **** ******
(For readability, a blank line is inserted between command lines and
processing output.  Note that rather than rerun CLN's ./configure
(Ugh!) I manually placed the CLN libraries where I wanted them; so the
location does not agree with 'cln-config', but presumably libtool found
them anyway.  Note that some 'newlines' have been re-edited for

C:/cygwin/bin/sh.exe ../libtool --mode=link c:/gcc/bin/c++  -g -O2
-ggdb -Wall -pedantic  -s  -Lc:/cygwin/home/Default/lib 
-Lc:/cygwin/lib -o ginsh.exe  ginsh_parser.o ginsh_lexer.o
-lstdc++  -lmingw32  -lcln -lcygwin  -lreadline  -lhistory  -lstdc++ 
-lmingw32  -lcln 
-nostartfiles  c:/gnu/mingw-20001225-1_tar_gz/usr/lib/mingw/crt2.o

libtool: link: warning: library 
was moved.
libtool: link: warning: library 
was moved.

c:/gcc/bin/c++ -g -O2 -ggdb -Wall -pedantic -s -o ginsh.exe
ginsh_parser.o ginsh_lexer.o -nostartfiles
-Lc:/cygwin/home/Default/lib -Lc:/gcc/lib/gcc-lib/mingw32/2.95.2 

-Lc:/gnu/source_pkgs_only/cln-1_1_5_tar_gz/cln-1.1.5/lib -lcln -lcygwin

-lreadline -lhistory -lmingw32 
-Lc:/gnu/gcc-2.95.2-20001116_zip/lib/gcc-lib/mingw32/2.95.2 -lstdc++

../ginac/.libs/libginac.a(input_lexer.o): In function
undefined reference to `__imp__iob'
undefined reference to `__imp__iob'
../ginac/.libs/libginac.a(input_lexer.o): In function
`yy_fatal_error(char const *)':
undefined reference to `__imp__iob'
undefined reference to `sigprocmask'
undefined reference to `setjmp'
undefined reference to `_imp___ctype_'
undefined reference to `lstat'
=== segment of output deleted ===
c:/cygwin/lib\libreadline.a(util.o)(.text+0x46d):util.c: undefined
reference to `_imp___ctype_'
c:/cygwin/lib\libreadline.a(tilde.o)(.text+0x756):tilde.c: undefined
reference to `getpwnam'
c:/cygwin/lib\libreadline.a(tilde.o)(.text+0x83b):tilde.c: undefined
reference to `endpwent'
c:/cygwin/lib\libreadline.a(parens.o)(.text+0x199):parens.c: undefined
reference to `select'
c:\GCC\BIN\make.exe: *** [ginsh.exe] Error 1

Richard Haney

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