symbolic calculation under scientific programming languages

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Mon Oct 7 19:16:17 CEST 2002


I am deeply interested in using an open-source symbolic computation kernel
under applications such as Matlab (and to keep open, Scilab and Octave). I
think this would be an alternative to (very) expensive solutions proposed by
The Mathworks, to build it upon GiNaC.

A few questions then:
* is there a manner of doing this by implementing a kernel usable for the
three softwares mentionned, and developping specific code only for
interfacing ?
* are there any legal problems since such a toolbox exists under Matlab
(built on Maple) ?
* anyone interested for such developments will express a specific list of
desiderata (control, maths,...). How to organize the project so as to
provide anyone with the routines he needs ?
* What do you think of this ? Does there exist any such project ?

I am working under Matlab, that's why this proprietary software is
mentionned here.

Hervé Tanguy
Hervé Tanguy
R&D Engineer SIREHNA
PhD Student IRCCyN

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