Note: compilation problem / CLN / "missing libraries"

bullet.train bullet.train at
Sun May 26 21:12:21 CEST 2002

Dear List,

I have had a long chase trying to compile GiNaC-

The problem has been trying to compile the CLN tests and libraries.

The symptoms are that the CLN test break and GiNaC fails to compile-
compiler g++ --version 2.96 (nasty RH version)
under linux

the problem is caused by the following line in cln-config
If this is present then the compiler flags see -L/usr/local/etc/etc and then 
the compiler cannot find any of the usual libraries and so breaks this test
and doesn't make.

Commenting out this line with '#' fixes the problem.

This is probably not a ginac problem- so this is for information only- 


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