failed asertion

Ben Sapp bsapp at
Thu Mar 29 18:09:21 CEST 2001

"Richard B. Kreckel" wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be enough information to judge what's going on.  I
> don't know how you allocate expressions.  Can you strip this problem down
> to the bare GiNaC-C++-layer?  I would bet you'll find the problem
> anyways, while doing so, though...

I did this and you are right I did find the problem.  I ended up
changing a function from this: 

GiNaC::symbol octave_sym::sym_value () const
  return x;

to this:

GiNaC::symbol octave_sym::sym_value () const 
  return ex_to_symbol(GiNaC::ex(*(x.duplicate ())));

Octave classes overload the new operator and sometimes octave types get
created as a const value.  This was also causing me other problems
relating to the fact that GiNaC does reference counting.  An ex variable
might be a const and GiNaC might change the reference count.  This
caused my code to crash in unpredictable ways.  I can't say I completely
understand why the particular assertion failed, but it does not seem to
be a problem any more.  


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