cln/ginac under win32

Roland Richter roland at
Mon Jan 15 10:31:57 CET 2001

 Hi Tilman,

 I just found out that there seems to be a possibility
 to use cln/ginac under win32.
 Please, can you (or anyone else listening to the list) tell me

 + what to do (and how long it will take)
 + whether there are any files etc. downloadable anywhere

 in order to get ginac running under win (preferably without
 the cygwin-dll, i.e. in the way you described in your mail.)
 Hopefully, that's another step to convince the "Skip C++,
 use Mathematica/Maple/whatever instead" people around here ;-) 

 - Roland

Tilman Utz wrote:
> "Richard B. Kreckel" schrieb:
> > Actually I don't see what the problem is with getting things to work on
> > win32.  I was under the assumption that it had already been ported for
> > Cygwin by David Billinghurst.
> Yes, but there was still a reliance on the cygwin-dll which provides the posix
> background. With the lib, I built now I'm able to produce executables _totally_
> independent of any third party dll's (Someone did that already with cln 1.0 as I
> discovered a couple of hours before, but I didn't check out wheher his patch
> works on 1.0.3, too)
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