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Chris Dams chrisd at
Wed Dec 12 12:17:27 CET 2001

Hello everybody,

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Richard B. Kreckel wrote:

> Because I am surprised to hear that TeX actually breaks expressions.  Does
> it?  It certainly never did for my own work!  Are you using some packages
> to do this or am I using packages that prevent breaking or does the
> computer just not like me???

TeX does so automatically. In formulas typed in text it automatically
inserts a \relpenalty after every relation symbol (such as =) and
\binoppenalty after every binary operation (such as +). You can set these
to 10000 if you want to prohibit line-breaking in text-formulas. LaTeX and
TeX both set \relpenalty=500 and \binoppenalty=700 (of course, classes and
packages can change this). If you put an expression into braces, it
becomes a subexpression that can't be broken anymore.

Chris Dams

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