floor function for GiNaC::numeric

Eduardo M Kalinowski ekalin at iname.com
Sat Nov 11 13:05:02 CET 2000

"Richard B. Kreckel" wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Nov 2000, Eduardo M Kalinowski wrote:
> >     I've looked through the documentation and header files for
> > GiNaC::numeric and I haven't been able to find the floor (or ceil, for
> > that matter) function for that class. Have I overlooked something, or is
> > that missing? How can I implement one? I know CLN has a floor1 function
> > that is what I want.
> Of course, CLN's floor1 is only defined for the classes cl_R, cl_RA, cl_F,
> cl_SF, cl_FF, cl_DF and cl_LF, not for cl_N.  You would have to make up a
> definition for complex numbers or throw an exception or crash the system
> or something.   ;-)

I know, what I tought was of using that on the internal representation... but I
see its not possible. About complex numbers, there error checking against that
before the place where the hypotetical floor would be called.

> If you are interested in floor for class numeric only I would recommend
> writing an ordinary function in your program, using the normal inspectors
> presented by class numeric.  Alas, it could be simpler: there is no clean
> way of getting a cl_N from numeric right now, this will change in GiNaC
> 0.7, which in turn relies on the namespaced CLN 1.1.  I am working full
> steam on getting that out of house.  Maybe two or three weeks...

Has cln-1.1 been already released? Well, if it is two or three weeks (or more,
if we consider Murhpy's Law), then I probably can wait.

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