[GiNaC-devel] factorization and stuff

Jens Vollinga jensv at nikhef.nl
Mon Aug 11 11:41:09 CEST 2008

Hi, I am re-sending this email because it looks like the server problems 
this morning have swallowed the original posting.


I recently checked in code for polynomial factorization. The
multivariate case and maybe algebraic extensions are in the making. Some
notes on the code:
- The code is absolutely not optimized. Don't look at the code, please!
- Alternative methods are missing yet. It is doing the factorization
with only one combination of methods and there are a lot of (well,
infinitely many) use cases where the code performs amazingly poor.
- The code is debugged and it should give the right answer for a proper
expressions. But handling of non-proper expressions is still missing.
Proper ~ Polynomial with symbols.

I want to have the code feature-complete first (because I need it for
some other stuff), only then will I try to optimize the code and build
in additional algorithms. But if you find a bug in the factorization now
please tell me!

I also recently updated the todo list on the GiNaC website. Well,
factorization will be done, but for the other two new points I have done
nothing yet and there is always the chance that I will do nothing in the
future. If you have interest in working on them, just do so (but maybe
tell me in advance). In case you are planning to add other new features,
I could announce them on the todo list as well.

@Alexei: if you want to repair that GCD and is_polynomial business go
ahead! That would be great!


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