GiNaC/tools viewgar.cpp

Richard Kreckel kreckel at
Mon Jan 22 16:12:16 CET 2001

Update of /home/cvs/GiNaC/tools

Modified Files: viewgar.cpp 
Log Message:
- See if __GNUC__ < 2.97 before using std::vector<..,malloc_alloc>.  Sorry,
  there is no way having this depend on whether we are setting up Cint or
  not because the malloc_alloc goes into the mangled signature and the
  result won't link if one tries to be more clever.  It really sucks. 
  Let's all just pray Masaharu throws away that old STL implementation
  really soon now.  (Jeez, he still calls this old junk 'reference'!)
- Bumped up a few dates.  :-)

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