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2018-02-19 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.4 release. release_1-7-4
2018-02-19 Richard KreckelFix ABI compatibility with so-version 6.
2018-02-01 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.3 release. release_1-7-3
2018-01-31 Richard KreckelPrepare for release 1.7.3 (yeah, again).
2018-01-31 Richard KreckelFix two comments in ginac/normal.cpp.
2018-01-31 Richard KreckelFix out-of-bounds error in multivar_diophant().
2018-01-31 Richard KreckelShortcut conversion ex->numeric->ex in expairseq::make_...
2018-01-31 Richard KreckelImprove gcd(a, b) where one argument is a power of...
2018-01-28 Richard KreckelMake matrix::solve() work with non-normal zeros.
2018-01-28 Richard Kreckel[CHECK] Add some more factorization exams.
2018-01-28 Richard KreckelAdd optional algorithm selection to matrix::inverse().
2018-01-25 Richard KreckelFix previous commit 'Speed up special cases of square...
2018-01-24 Richard KreckelSpeed up special cases of square-free factorization.
2018-01-01 Richard KreckelPrepare for release 1.7.3.
2018-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2017-12-29 Richard Kreckel[BUGFIX] Speed up some cases of polynomial factorization.
2017-12-18 Vitaly MageryaDo not expand pre-factored polynomials.
2017-12-18 Richard KreckelMinor sreamlining of some internal code using class...
2017-09-12 Vladimir V... Add LaTeX pretty-print for function derivatives.
2017-09-12 Richard KreckelUpdate m4/ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx.m4 to current upstream...
2017-09-11 Vladimir V... [PATCH] Fix bug in evaluation of real and imaginary...
2017-07-17 Vladimir V... Introducing method symbol::get_TeX_name() to match...
2017-07-17 Vladimir V... Fix excessive backslashes in the LaTeX function names.
2017-02-17 Richard Kreckelchecks: prefer initializer lists over push_back on...
2017-02-15 Richard KreckelClean up combinatorial helpers.
2017-02-15 Richard KreckelMove combinatorial helpers from power.cpp to utils.h.
2017-01-10 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.2 release. release_1-7-2
2017-01-09 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2017-01-09 Richard KreckelFix memory leaks in operators returning relationals.
2017-01-03 Stefan WeinzierlGINAC_DECLARE_REGISTERED_CLASS(): add namespace of...
2016-11-06 Richard KreckelFix MSC compiler warning.
2016-11-06 Richard KreckelClean up some header files and fix compilation with...
2016-11-06 Richard KreckelRemove configure check for type 'long long'.
2016-10-08 Till HofmannReplace mktemp with mkstemp.
2016-10-01 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.1 release. release_1-7-1
2016-10-01 Richard KreckelSuppress compiler warnings about inconsistent override.
2016-09-14 Richard KreckelFix compilation of programs using __attribute__((deprec...
2016-08-17 Richard KreckelUpdate ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx.m4.
2016-08-17 Vladimir KisilImprove performance of clifford_to_lst().
2016-08-11 Stefan WeinzierlFix convergence of Li_projection at ±I.
2016-08-11 Vladimir KisilAdd proper functions to make clifford_bar() and cliffor...
2016-07-21 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] Fix crash in basic::subs().
2016-04-30 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.0 release. release_1-7-0
2016-04-29 Richard KreckelMore shortcuts for trivial cases in mul::combine_*_to_p...
2016-04-18 Richard KreckelUpdate reference to Robert C. Martin's "Acyclic Visitor...
2016-04-14 Richard KreckelAdd fderivative::derivatives() method.
2016-04-13 Richard KreckelFix typos in comments.
2016-04-13 Richard KreckelUpdate compiler list and compile times.
2016-04-13 Richard KreckelPrefer C library wrappers over C headers, where possible.
2016-04-05 Richard KreckelMerge branch 'c++11' in preparation for version 1.7.0.
2016-04-04 Richard Kreckel[build] Install compiler.h header file. c++11
2016-04-04 Richard KreckelInstall ginac-excompiler in $LIBEXECDIR, not in $BINDIR.
2016-04-04 Richard Kreckel[build] Ship FindLibDL.cmake, it's needed by CMakeLists...
2016-03-12 Richard KreckelRemove ex::to_rational(lst) and ex::to_polynomial(lst).
2016-02-29 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.6.7 release. release_1-6-7
2016-02-25 Richard KreckelUse C++11 'auto' and range-based for loops where possible.
2016-02-22 Richard KreckelUse C++11 'nullptr' where applicable.
2016-02-11 Richard Kreckel[build] Force C++11 compilation when using CMake.
2016-02-11 Richard Kreckel[build] Fix CMake build.
2016-02-06 Richard Kreckelminor optimization in power::expand_add
2016-02-06 Richard KreckelFix a comment.
2016-02-06 Richard Kreckelspeed up multiply_lcm(e, lcm) a bit
2016-02-06 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] fix elusive bug in quo, rem,...
2016-02-05 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] fix elusive bug in quo, rem,...
2016-02-03 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] fix sqrfree(poly) for zero polynomials in...
2016-02-03 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] fix sqrfree(poly) for zero polynomials in...
2016-01-31 Richard KreckelRemove extra cases for missing <stdint.h>.
2016-01-29 Richard Kreckel[C++17] Remove inheritance from std::binary_function...
2016-01-29 Richard Kreckel[C++17] Replace std::bind2nd with a lambda.
2016-01-28 Richard KreckelRemove global variable max_recursion_level.
2016-01-28 Richard KreckelRemove 'level' argument of normal().
2016-01-28 Richard KreckelRemove 'level' argument of evalf().
2016-01-06 Richard KreckelAvoid x^0 and Order(x^0) terms together in series expan...
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelDe-document eval() in ginsh help and manpage.
2015-12-31 Richard KreckelMake relational::rhs() and lhs() nonvirtual.
2015-12-31 Vladimir V... Clarification on symmetries of metric of clifford object.
2015-12-31 Vladimir V... Add specific dbgprinttree() method to clifford.
2015-12-31 Ralf Stephancache pseries coeff accesses in pseries::mul_series.
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.6.6 release. ginac_1-6-6
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelRemove reference to ftpthep.physik.uni-mainz.de.
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelRemove reference to ftpthep.physik.uni-mainz.de.
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelHoist typeid(*this) from loops.
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelRemove iter_swap specializations.
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelAdd support for power::info(info_flags::real).
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelRemove info_flags::algebraic.
2015-12-17 Richard KreckelRemove expairseq::construct_from_2_ex_via_exvector...
2015-12-17 Richard Kreckelinclude <algorithm> for use of std::min().
2015-12-17 Richard Kreckelinclude <algorithm> for use of std::min().
2015-12-17 Richard KreckelRemove useless code in add::eval().
2015-12-17 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] Make sure add::eval() collects all numeric...
2015-12-17 Richard KreckelAdd rvalue reference ctors from epvectors for add,...
2015-12-16 Richard KreckelMerge some cosmetic patches.
2015-12-16 Richard KreckelMake .eval() evaluate top-level only.
2015-12-16 Richard KreckelMake add::eval(), mul::eval() work without compromise.
2015-12-01 Richard KreckelImprove method of setting status_flags::dynallocated.
2015-11-29 Richard KreckelRemove accidentally pushed binary.
2015-11-29 Richard KreckelRename array of precomputed data in test suite.
2015-11-29 Richard KreckelUse neseted initializer lists to construct matrix objects.