2004-10-12 Christian Bauerforgot about unitcontprim()... ginac_1-2 release_1-2-4
2004-10-12 Jens Vollingafinalizing 1.2.4
2004-10-12 Jens Vollinga* Li(2,x) now evaluates for +-I.
2004-10-06 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (series bugfix)
2004-10-06 Christian Bauerinclude ginac.pc in libginac-dev [Alexei Sheplyakov]
2004-10-06 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (binomial())
2004-09-30 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2004-09-26 Richard Kreckel* Li2_do_sum_Xn: Optimize (avoid repeated multiplication).
2004-09-24 Richard Kreckel* power::info(): Unpolynomialize sin(x)^2 (by Chris...
2004-09-23 Jens VollingaFixed bug for Li, S and H functions that caused evalf...
2004-09-01 Jens VollingaSynced to 1.2
2004-08-20 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (unitcontprim(), content())
2004-08-13 Christian Bauerfinalizing 1.2.3 release_1-2-3
2004-08-11 Christian Baueradded missing files
2004-08-11 Christian BauerThe --enable-html-doc and --enable-ps-doc configure...
2004-08-10 Christian Bauerupdated mailing list info
2004-08-09 Jens VollingaAdded new pseries exam
2004-08-09 Jens VollingaFixed bug in series expansion
2004-08-06 Christian Bauerpatch for readline 5.0 [Howard B. Golden]
2004-08-05 Christian Bauersynced to head (dirac_trace()/color_trace())
2004-08-05 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-08-03 Christian Bauerfinalizing 1.2.2 release_1-2-2
2004-08-03 Christian Bauerset evaluated and expanded flags for symmetry objects
2004-08-03 Christian Bauerremoved bogus assertion (typeid(*this) in a basic const...
2004-08-02 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2004-08-02 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (power::get_free_indices()) [Alexei...
2004-08-02 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-08-02 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (content())
2004-08-02 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-07-28 Christian Bauerbumped version number
2004-07-23 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2004-07-22 Christian Bauer- fixed typos
2004-07-10 Richard Kreckel* Check polynomialism of resultant() args.
2004-07-05 Christian Bauermain() -> int main() (C++ standard says so)
2004-07-04 Jens VollingaSynced bug fix to 1.2
2004-07-04 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (conjugate() fixes)
2004-07-01 Christian Bauerfixed operator precedence
2004-06-29 Christian Bauerobvious patch from Chris Dams
2004-06-29 Christian Bauerresultant() takes three "const ex &" parameters
2004-06-28 Richard Kreckel* Sync to HEAD (resultant).
2004-06-22 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2004-06-15 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (pseries)
2004-06-15 Richard Kreckel* Yes.
2004-06-15 Richard Kreckel- Synced to HEAD (matrix::rank()).
2004-06-11 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (fixed typo)
2004-06-11 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (symbols and numeric functions)
2004-06-10 Christian Bauerpredefined tensors and common symmetries are taken...
2004-06-10 Christian Bauerncmul::expand() doesn't allocate a new object unless...
2004-06-10 Christian Bauermap() doesn't allocate a new object unless necessary
2004-06-10 Christian Bauer- print_tree prints object address
2004-06-10 Christian BauerDEFAULT_CTOR sets evaluated and expanded flags
2004-06-08 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (exhashmap docs)
2004-06-08 Christian Baueradded missing "template<>" to template specializations
2004-06-08 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (const_pre/postorder_iterator docs)
2004-05-25 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (pre/postorder iterators)
2004-05-25 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-05-17 Christian Bauerfixed varidx LaTeX output
2004-05-13 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2004-04-29 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (function_options::nparams)
2004-04-23 Christian Bauerfinalizing 1.2.1 release_1-2-1
2004-04-23 Jens VollingaUpdate
2004-04-21 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (power::series() speedup)
2004-04-19 Christian Bauer- documentation update
2004-04-19 Jens VollingaSynced optimization to 1.2
2004-04-19 Jens VollingaSynced log-fix to 1.2
2004-04-17 Jens VollingaSynced bug-fix to 1.2
2004-04-15 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2004-04-12 Richard Kreckel* Use the pointers to the flyweights, not their references!
2004-04-05 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (atan2_evalf(), trigonometrics with...
2004-04-05 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2004-03-29 Christian Bauerno need to initialize symtree in initialize(), the...
2004-03-27 Jens VollingaSynced to 1.2
2004-03-27 Jens VollingaSynced to 1.2
2004-03-19 Christian Bauerfinalizing 1.2.0 release_1-2-0
2004-03-19 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-03-18 Jens VollingaS(0,p,x) now evaluates numerically
2004-03-15 Christian Baueradded documentation for const_iterator
2004-03-15 Christian Bauerfixes for gcc 3.4
2004-03-15 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-03-11 Jens VollingaSynced to HEAD.
2004-03-11 Jens VollingaSynced to HEAD.
2004-03-10 Jens VollingaImproved series expansion synced to HEAD.
2004-03-10 Jens VollingaModifications for improved series expansion.
2004-02-25 Richard Kreckel* Don't mention sloooow mirror sites for CLN.
2004-02-18 Christian Bauerupdated list of authors
2004-01-30 Christian Bauercanonicalize_clifford() was omitting some ONEs
2004-01-28 Jens VollingaSynced to HEAD.
2004-01-28 Christian Bauerexpand_indexed expands the base expression
2004-01-27 Jens VollingaImproved output.
2004-01-19 Jens VollingaFixed section chaining.
2004-01-16 Richard Kreckel* Fix typo. (Hi Keith!)
2004-01-09 Jens VollingaUpdate for realsymbols and conjugate.
2004-01-08 Christian Bauerfixed is_exactly_a<symbol>
2004-01-08 Jens VollingaMan-page mentions keywords real_symbols and complex_sym...
2004-01-08 Jens VollingaChanged symbol_options to domain.
2004-01-08 Jens Vollinga* Added realsymbol class.
2004-01-08 Christian BauerHappy New Year!
2004-01-07 Jens VollingaUpdated remarks on harmonic polylog.
2004-01-06 Christian Baueradded online help for conjugate()
2004-01-06 Christian Bauer- fixed LaTeX output of conjugate()