2004-04-19 Jens VollingaSynced log-fix to 1.1 ginac_1-1
2004-04-17 Jens VollingaSynced bug-fix to 1.1
2004-03-27 Jens VollingaSynced to 1.1
2004-03-27 Jens VollingaUpdated NEWS
2004-03-18 Jens VollingaUpdated changes
2004-03-18 Jens VollingaSynced to 1.1
2004-03-15 Christian BauerLFLAGS/YFLAGS -> AM_LFLAGS/AM_YFLAGS
2004-03-11 Christian Bauerfinalizing 1.1.7 release_1-1-7
2004-03-11 Jens VollingaFixed expansion of the Beta-function.
2004-03-11 Jens VollingaFixed bug in Taylor expansion.
2004-03-11 Jens VollingaAdded new exam.
2004-03-10 Jens VollingaAdded remark about series expansion.
2004-03-10 Christian Bauerbumped version number
2004-03-10 Jens VollingaAdded new exam for pseries and removed some 'void's
2004-02-25 Richard Kreckel* Don't mention sloooow mirror sites for CLN.
2004-02-20 Jens VollingaFixed ldegree handling (last fix hopefully, no known...
2004-02-20 Jens VollingaFixed miscalculation of ldgrees in mul::series
2004-02-20 Jens Vollinga* Added exams
2004-02-19 Jens VollingaFixed some bugs
2004-02-18 Jens VollingaRe-modifications for the old order-parameter conventions
2004-02-18 Christian Bauerupdated list of authors
2004-02-17 Jens VollingaAdded missing namespace qualifier
2004-02-16 Jens VollingaNew series expansion scheme
2004-02-16 Jens VollingaAdapted exams to new series expansion scheme.
2004-02-13 Jens VollingaExams honor modified series expansion
2004-02-13 Jens VollingaModification of series expansion
2004-01-30 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (canonicalize_clifford() and the amazing...
2004-01-28 Jens VollingaProper quoting of macros.
2004-01-28 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (expand_indexed)
2004-01-27 Jens VollingaImproved output.
2004-01-22 Christian Bauerfinalized 1.1.6 release_1-1-6
2004-01-16 Richard Kreckel* Fix typo. (Hi Keith!)
2004-01-08 Christian BauerHappy New Year!
2004-01-07 Jens VollingaUpDATED to 2004 completely.
2004-01-07 Jens VollingaUpdated description of multiple polylogs.
2004-01-06 Jens VollingaSynced bug-fix to 1.1
2004-01-01 Richard Kreckel* Sync to HEAD.
2003-12-20 Richard Kreckel* debian/control: Bump standards patchversion.
2003-12-19 Jens VollingaSynced to 1.1
2003-12-18 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (faster mul::expand())
2003-12-16 Christian Bauer*** empty log message ***
2003-12-16 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2003-12-13 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (expand() checks)
2003-12-13 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (power::expand())
2003-12-11 Christian Baueroptimization to ex::expand()
2003-12-11 Jens VollingaBetter output.
2003-12-11 Christian Baueradded a check for the expand() problem
2003-12-11 Christian Bauerfixed a problem with expand() not fully expanding
2003-12-11 Jens VollingaUpdated checks.
2003-12-11 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-12-11 Christian Bauerhash keys of indices must not depend on the index dimen...
2003-12-11 Jens VollingaAdded remark about bug removal.
2003-12-08 Jens VollingaMaximum number of function arguments raised to 14.
2003-12-01 Jens VollingaSynced bug fix to 1.1
2003-11-20 Christian Bauerfixed typo
2003-11-20 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD (pkg-config support)
2003-11-18 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-11-18 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2003-11-05 Christian Bauerfixed release date :^) release_1-1-5
2003-11-05 Jens VollingaUpdated NEWS for 1.1.5
2003-11-05 Christian Bauerbumped version number to 1.1.5
2003-11-03 Jens VollingaModified and added documentation for nested sums functions.
2003-10-31 Jens Vollinga* Multiple Polylog now has "correct" order of parameters.
2003-10-30 Christian Bauerlocation of C++ FAQ Lite has changed
2003-10-26 Jens VollingaHarmonic polylogarithm now numerically evaluates for...
2003-10-25 Jens Vollinga- zeta(x) now can do everything mZeta(x) can do (x...
2003-10-24 Jens VollingaFixed: functions (except for multiple polylog) have...
2003-10-17 Christian Bauerfinalize 1.1.4 release_1-1-4
2003-10-17 Jens VollingaUpdated news.
2003-10-17 Richard Kreckel* Sync to HEAD.
2003-10-17 Christian Bauerfixed some documentation inconsistencies
2003-10-16 Christian Bauerbumped version number
2003-10-13 Richard Kreckel* Sync to HEAD.
2003-10-12 Richard Kreckel* All your dependent bases are... D'Oh!
2003-10-12 Richard Kreckel* All your dependent bases are belong to us!
2003-10-09 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2003-10-05 Jens VollingaFixed bug in H evalf (wrong order of parameters).
2003-10-05 Jens VollingamZeta now uses Crandall's algorithm with Bailey acceler...
2003-10-05 Jens VollingaCode restructuring.
2003-10-01 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2003-09-30 Jens VollingaSpeed improvements for S(n,p,x) and mZeta.
2003-09-30 Christian Bauer*** empty log message ***
2003-09-30 Christian Bauersynced to HEAD
2003-09-30 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-09-29 Jens VollingaEuler-MacLaurin summation is only used if it is faster...
2003-09-23 Jens VollingaS(n,p,-1) with p>1 now evaluates.
2003-09-22 Jens VollingaClassical polylog now uses Euler-MacLaurin summation.
2003-09-19 Jens Vollingaseries expansion behaviour fixed.
2003-09-18 Christian Bauerbetter error reporting in basic::subs()
2003-09-06 Richard Kreckel* ginsh_input(): Sync to HEAD.
2003-09-04 Christian Baueradded a note about expressions in STL containers
2003-09-02 Christian Bauersome cleanups in TeX output
2003-08-29 Christian Bauerremoved ex::const_iterator (iterators will be implement...
2003-08-29 Richard Kreckel* Fix for lintian error "package-lacks-versioned-build...
2003-08-29 Richard Kreckel* Updated to match Debian's current ginac_1.1.3-1.diff.gz.
2003-08-26 Christian Bauerimplementation of ex::const_iterator::operator[] was...
2003-08-26 Christian Bauerfixed memory leak in subs(), reproducible by, for examp...
2003-08-25 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2
2003-08-22 Christian Bauerno timer.h release_1-1-3
2003-08-22 Christian Bauerpreparing for 1.1.3 release