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2000-01-26 Christian Bauer- updated dates
2000-01-26 Christian Bauer- updated Makefiles
2000-01-26 Christian Bauer- RPM packages split into user and devel packages
2000-01-26 Christian Bauer- gcd(): cofactor computation is faster in partially...
2000-01-25 Christian Bauer- lcm_of_coefficients() works for unexpanded polynomials
2000-01-25 Christian Bauer- checks adapted to new GCD behavior for partly-factore...
2000-01-25 Christian Bauer- mentioned archiving
2000-01-25 Richard Kreckel- Updated section about CLN to current status (need...
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- Added some comments for doxygen.
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- removed superfluous ex ser_numer; in gamma_series()
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- Corrected a couple of typos
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- added missing method matrix::op()
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- Added Fibonacci numbers for integers
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- killed old add::print
2000-01-24 Christian Bauer- archiving implemented in lorentzidx
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- Changed the name of cache-value ac_cv_header_CLN_cln_h to
2000-01-24 Christian Bauer- renamed archive::dump() to archive::printraw() for...
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- Macro GINAC_CHECK_LIBCLN only checks if doublefactori...
2000-01-21 Richard Kreckel- Fixed old class series stuff to class pseries
2000-01-21 Christian Bauer- changed all instances of "foo const &/*" to "const...
2000-01-21 Christian Bauer- implemented nops() and op() for pseries objects
2000-01-21 Richard Kreckel- Use newer fig2dev which supports eps (old ones are...
2000-01-21 Richard Kreckel- Little addition about something unmentioned but oviou...
2000-01-20 Richard Kreckel- changed old-style power() to new-style pow()
2000-01-19 Richard Kreckel- Changed policy: look for cln/cln.h instead of CLN...
2000-01-19 Richard Kreckel- Changed policy: look for cln/cln.h instead of CLN...
2000-01-19 Richard Kreckel- change triggered by newer autoconf version
2000-01-19 Richard Kreckel- updated class pseries
2000-01-19 Richard Kreckel- change triggered by newer automake version
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- created
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- added tokens "read" and "write" (in preparation for...
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- implemented global class registry (for class basic...
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- added a chapter about archiving of expressions
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- updated makefiles
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- updated for class series->class pseries
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- updated configure script and makefiles
2000-01-17 Alexander FrinkModification in output of last returned expression...
2000-01-17 Alexander FrinkModification in output of last returned expression
2000-01-17 Richard Kreckel- Importing new files for packaging Debian GNU/Linux...
2000-01-15 Richard Kreckel- doublefactorial now falls back directly to CLN, which...
2000-01-11 Richard Kreckel- made nops() return unsigned instead of int
2000-01-11 Richard Kreckel- changed the fucking dates i had forgotten the last...
2000-01-11 Richard Kreckel- made nops() return unsigned instead of int
2000-01-11 Richard Kreckel- made nops() return unsigned instead of int
2000-01-11 Richard Kreckel- changed dates in copyright notices
2000-01-10 Christian Bauer- now compiles with readline V4 headers
2000-01-10 welzel- minor updates.
2000-01-10 welzel- added simple checks of manipulations with lortensor...
1999-12-25 Richard Kreckel- speedup by declaring x_pt and so on const
1999-12-25 Richard Kreckel- some indentation fixes
1999-12-22 Richard Kreckel- polygamma functions (psi functions) know about half...
1999-12-21 Christian Bauer- matrix row/col made unsigned
1999-12-20 Richard Kreckel- introduced checks that test the new logic of sin...
1999-12-20 Richard Kreckel- added a abs() function. haven't you been longing...
1999-12-20 Richard Kreckel- more logic on the trigonometric function stuff.
1999-12-20 Richard Kreckel- Added a clarification about branch cuts.
1999-12-20 Richard Kreckel- Changed a few switches.
1999-12-20 Richard Kreckel- more logic on the trigonometric function stuff.
1999-12-17 Richard Kreckel- Banned exZERO(), exONE(), exMINUSHALF() and all this...
1999-12-17 welzellortensor class
1999-12-14 Richard Kreckel- Corrected some minor texinfo flaws in tutorial
1999-12-14 Alexander Frinkfirst release of GiNaCcint
1999-12-14 Alexander Frinksome changes to allow GiNaC to cooperate with cint:
1999-12-13 Richard Kreckel- Brought to the 0.4.1-level.
1999-12-13 Richard Kreckel- Run automake again on squark, as we had agreed earlier.
1999-12-13 Richard Kreckel- introduced info_flags::cinteger, info_flags::crational,
1999-12-10 Richard Kreckel- changed behaviour of numeric::is_rational() and added...
1999-12-10 Richard Kreckel- Introduced exception do_taylor to signal Taylor expan...
1999-12-02 Richard Kreckel- added the beta function to GiNaC
1999-12-02 Alexander Frinkginsh did not compile
1999-12-02 Alexander Frinkfunction.pl did not compile
1999-12-02 Alexander Frink#ifndef around namespace GiNaC { }
1999-12-01 Richard Kreckel- added prefix and postfix increment and decrement...
1999-12-01 Christian Bauer- added 'ginac-config' script and 'ginac.m4' macros...
1999-11-30 Richard Kreckel- changed mul::print() to behave similar to add::print()
1999-11-29 Richard Kreckel- changed function::diff() to be more tolerant by check...
1999-11-29 Richard Kreckel- clarified timings
1999-11-29 Richard Kreckel- alignment fix. :-)
1999-11-29 Richard Kreckel- corrected an error due to my ignorance WRT diff_param
1999-11-29 Richard Kreckel- moved the subsections that were marked as 'digression...
1999-11-27 Christian Bauer- spec file now works
1999-11-27 Christian Bauer- tweaked spec file
1999-11-27 Christian Bauer- install-info -> /sbin/install-info
1999-11-27 Christian Bauer- RPM_OPT_FLAGS are used for compiling
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- added some more information to NEWS and README
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- .txt files were missing from distribution
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- install-strip -> install
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- info/dir not installed in RPM
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- requires autoconf 2.12 and automake 1.4
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- files which are generated by perl scripts are made...
1999-11-26 Richard Kreckel- corrected a bunch of typos.
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- building GiNaC will no longer bomb if Doxygen is...
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- more typos fixed
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- fixed minor typos
1999-11-25 Christian Bauer- .png files were missing from install target
1999-11-25 Christian Bauer- added missing bullets to some lists
1999-11-25 Christian Bauer- tutorial now built with texinfo
1999-11-25 Christian Bauer- automake 1.4 was complaining about EXTRA_DATA in...
1999-11-25 Richard Kreckel- changed to new URL.
1999-11-25 Richard Kreckel- added one more sample for our friends at NASA. :-)