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2005-05-01 Richard Kreckel* Last week, the FSF has moved their office.
2005-04-22 Jens VollingaAdded explanation of numerical evaluation of color_f...
2005-04-21 Jens VollingaNicer output for factorial().
2005-04-21 Richard Kreckel* Friend declaration is no declaration 11.4/9.
2005-04-20 Jens VollingaClifford get_metric(i,j) again defaults to symmetric...
2005-04-20 Jens VollingaBetter output for slashed expressions (C.Dams' patch).
2005-04-19 Jens VollingaFixed misprint in the delta tensor example.
2005-04-06 Richard Kreckel* Indentation and alignment fixes.
2005-04-01 Jens Vollinga* Applied Vladimir Kisil's patches (bug in clifford_pri...
2005-03-11 Richard Kreckel* Fix some language conformance issues needed for GCC 4.0
2005-03-02 Richard Kreckel* Avoid suprious cross-references caused by @strong...
2005-02-22 Christian Bauercommented out internal debugging function
2005-02-22 Christian BauerHappy new year!
2005-02-21 Christian Bauerremove dependence on YYTEXT_POINTER which is not being...
2005-02-10 Richard Kreckel* clifford_moebius_map: honor representation label...
2005-02-06 Christian Bauerdon't produce zero coefficients in a pseries object...
2005-02-05 Richard Kreckel* Simplified creation of flyweight objects (by Chris...
2005-02-05 Richard Kreckel* Account for updates made three weeks ago.
2005-02-05 Richard Kreckel* Upgrade from libreadline4 to libreadline5.
2005-02-05 Richard Kreckel* Bumped minor versions.
2005-01-08 Richard Kreckel* Fix static initialization order fiasco.
2004-12-29 Christian Bauerreplaced non-ASCII characters
2004-12-26 Richard Kreckel* Return
2004-12-26 Richard Kreckel* Minor optimization: swap instead of assign.
2004-11-26 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2004-11-15 Christian Bauerexplain what we mean by "cofactor"
2004-10-29 Christian Bauerimprovements to pseries, esp. wrt series expansion...
2004-10-27 Christian Bauermake integral() and eval_integ() available in ginsh
2004-10-27 Christian Bauerpass --libdir to ./configure (x86-64 target needs it)
2004-10-26 Richard Kreckel* shlibs: Fixed library versioning, oops!
2004-10-25 Jens VollingaFixed bug in basic::subs_one_level.
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaFinalizing 1.3 release_1-3-0
2004-10-19 Christian Bauerpolished
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaAdded reference.
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaRevised reference.
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaContributers list now includes V. Kisil.
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaUpdated NEWS.
2004-10-19 Jens Vollinga* new G function (multiple polylogarithm).
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaNew checks for G and Li functions.
2004-10-19 Jens VollingaTutorial mentions new G function.
2004-10-18 Jens Vollingacanonicalise_clifford(), clifford_prime() and remove_di...
2004-10-15 Jens Vollinga* clifford_to_lst() applies to lst.
2004-10-15 Jens VollingaDocumentation for generalized clifford algebra.
2004-10-14 Christian Baueradded CVS instructions
2004-10-14 Christian Baueradded error handling to op()/let_op()
2004-10-12 Jens VollingaVarious bug-fixes and enhancements (new moebius transfo...
2004-10-12 Jens VollingaAdded integral class.
2004-10-12 Jens VollingaAdded documentation about integral class.
2004-10-08 Richard Kreckel* Prepare for packaging of version 1.3.
2004-10-06 Christian Bauerfixed another power::series() bug [Alexei Sheplyakov]
2004-10-06 Christian Bauerinclude ginac.pc in libginac-dev [Alexei Sheplyakov]
2004-10-06 Christian Bauerbinomial(n,k) evaluates for non-integer n [Ralph Stephan]
2004-10-06 Christian Bauerreplaced non-ASCII character in exception msg
2004-09-30 Christian Bauerfixed typo
2004-09-30 Christian Bauerdbgprint() now uses a print_dflt
2004-09-26 Richard Kreckel* Li2_do_sum_Xn: Optimize (avoid repeated multiplication).
2004-09-24 Richard Kreckel* power::info(): Unpolynomialize sin(x)^2 (by Chris...
2004-09-23 Jens VollingaSynced bug fix to HEAD.
2004-09-01 Jens Vollingalog(-<realnumber>) now returns a real number (correct...
2004-09-01 Jens Vollingalog(-<realnumber>) now returns a real number
2004-08-20 Christian Bauer- added ex::unitcontprim()
2004-08-20 Christian Baueradded another check
2004-08-20 Christian Bauercache other.p in assignment; this should fix the "assig...
2004-08-11 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2 (documentation building)
2004-08-10 Christian Bauerupdated mailing list info
2004-08-09 Jens VollingaSynced to HEAD
2004-08-09 Jens VollingaSynced to HEAD
2004-08-06 Christian Bauerpatch for readline 5.0 [Howard B. Golden]
2004-08-05 Christian Bauer- added variants of dirac_trace() and color_trace(...
2004-08-05 Christian Baueradded variants of dirac_trace() and color_trace() that...
2004-08-05 Christian Bauer- added checks for multiple-label traces
2004-08-03 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2 (bogus assertion and evaluated symmetry...
2004-08-02 Christian Baueradded something about functions with variable number...
2004-08-02 Christian Bauer(p.i*p.i).get_free_indices() returned (.i) instead...
2004-08-02 Christian Baueradded check for power::get_free_indices()
2004-08-02 Christian Bauerexpand() before integer_content()
2004-08-02 Christian Bauerinteger_content()/content()/primpart() work with polyno...
2004-08-02 Christian Baueradded checks for integer_content()/content()/primpart()
2004-08-02 Christian Baueradded integer_content() function
2004-07-23 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2004-07-22 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2 (typos, better ncmul::degree() and :...
2004-07-10 Richard Kreckel* Check polynomialism of resultant() args.
2004-07-05 Christian Bauermain() -> int main() (C++ standard says so)
2004-07-04 Jens VollingaFixed bug that caused evalf to crash especially on...
2004-07-04 Christian Bauerconjugate() symbolic function renamed to conjugate_func...
2004-07-04 Christian Baueradded add::conjugate(), solving problems with numeric...
2004-07-04 Christian Bauerdirac_slash() called the wrong clifford constructor
2004-07-01 Christian Bauerfixed operator precedence
2004-06-29 Christian Bauerobvious patch from Chris Dams
2004-06-29 Christian Bauerresultant() takes three "const ex &" parameters
2004-06-28 Richard Kreckel* Added resultant() function (by Ralf Stephan <ralf...
2004-06-22 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2004-06-15 Christian Bauerpatches from Chris Dams
2004-06-15 Richard Kreckel* Well, adjust version.
2004-06-15 Richard Kreckel- No,
2004-06-15 Richard Kreckel- Added method matrix::rank().
2004-06-14 Christian Bauer- clifford::metric stores the metric without indices...
2004-06-14 Christian Baueradapted to changed clifford_unit() API
2004-06-14 Christian Baueradded checks for generalized clifford units
2004-06-11 Christian Bauerfixed typo in comment