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2001-03-15 Richard Kreckel* Exam some simple square free factorizations.
2001-03-15 Richard Kreckel* added missing std::
2001-03-14 Richard Kreckel* add missing std::.
2001-03-14 Christian Baueradded checks involving epsilon tensor
2001-03-14 Christian Baueradded predefined epsilon tensor
2001-03-14 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2001-03-14 Richard Kreckel* ex.h: add docu.
2001-03-14 Richard Kreckelfix stupid memory problem.
2001-03-11 Richard Kreckelnormal.cpp, normal.h: Fix Yun's algorithm (there was...
2001-03-10 Christian Bauerfixed major memory leak in mul::expand()
2001-03-09 Christian Bauer- lcm_of_coefficients_denominators(1/2+x^10) returned...
2001-03-06 Christian Bauer- revamped indexed objects
2001-03-06 Christian Baueradded checks for new indexed objects
2001-03-06 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2001-03-06 Christian Bauerremoved obsolete files
2001-03-05 Richard Kreckel* New funny timing added: compute an antipode in Yukawa...
2001-03-01 Richard Kreckel* ginac/pseries.cpp (pseries::compare_same_type): optim...
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* This is a deliberately silly commit. release_0-7-3
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* Really make those macros work...
2001-02-28 Christian Bauerupdated to "autogen.sh Professional"
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* ginac/registrar.h: dtor is inlined now.
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* Tweak around problem with unexpanded GINAC_DECLARE_RE...
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* Prepare for landing of version 0.7.3.
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* Macro deobfuscation.
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* some longish timings are now disabled by default.
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* prepare for landing of version 0.7.3.
2001-02-27 Christian Bauerwhen there are multiple variables with the same maximum...
2001-02-27 Christian Bauer"return" statement was missing in yyerror()
2001-02-27 Christian Bauerbuilding in separate directory didn't work
2001-02-21 Christian Bauer- g~mu_mu contraction returns Dim for general Lorentz...
2001-02-20 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2001-02-20 Christian Baueradded a section about adding new algebraic classes...
2001-02-19 Richard KreckelFix two leaks in class pseries, where zero terms could...
2001-02-18 Richard Kreckelis_(ex_)(exactly_)of_type: macros fixed, simplfied...
2001-02-17 Richard Kreckelpseries::expand(): do not generate zero terms. release_0-7-2
2001-02-17 Richard KreckelFix typos.
2001-02-17 Richard KreckelMinor fixes.
2001-02-17 Richard KreckelReflect version number 0.7.2 and update Cint status.
2001-02-16 Christian BauerGINAC_DECLARE_REGISTERED_CLASS declares duplicate(...
2001-02-15 Christian Bauerthe destructor, copy constructor, and assignment operat...
2001-02-15 Christian Bauerdisabled the exam because the lortensor API is going...
2001-02-15 Richard Kreckeladd two checks that power::series did wrong so far.
2001-02-15 Richard Kreckelpseries::power_const: fix a critical bug that led to...
2001-02-14 Christian Bauerremoved the "some_*" and "typeid_*" definitions since...
2001-02-14 Richard KreckelAdapted to new version 1.2.5.
2001-02-14 Christian Baueradded missing thisexprseq() to clifford class
2001-02-14 Christian Bauer- added documentation to the indexed, color, lortensor...
2001-02-12 Christian Bauer- added documentation for the idx, coloridx and lorentz...
2001-02-07 Richard KreckelHope this works now. release_0-7-1
2001-02-07 Richard KreckelMore file cleanups
2001-02-07 Richard Kreckeltrancendental function branch-point sanity
2001-02-07 Richard KreckelChangeLog: mention cvs log (must be non-empty for Debian)
2001-02-04 Richard KreckelExplain the branch-cut conventions in some more detail.
2001-02-02 Richard KreckelAdded correct series expansion for atan and atanh.
2001-01-31 Richard KreckelFixed most bugs with building Debian packages.
2001-01-31 Richard Kreckel- throw at atan()'s poles.
2001-01-31 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2001-01-31 Christian Bauerlist of completion work break characters set correctly
2001-01-30 Christian Bauernormal() applied to a power expression also normalizes...
2001-01-29 Christian Bauerexpand() always expands the exponent and transforms...
2001-01-29 Christian Baueradded a check that expand(x^((a+b)^2-a^2-b^2-2*a*b...
2001-01-29 Christian Bauerupdated changes
2001-01-29 Richard Kreckel- Lewis-Wester tests D and E now benchmark the time...
2001-01-25 Christian Bauer- gcd() and lcm() always checked the second argument...
2001-01-23 Christian Bauerreplaced fraction addition algorithm with a slightly...
2001-01-22 Richard Kreckel- See if __GNUC__ < 2.97 before using std::vector<...
2001-01-16 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint mileage report.
2001-01-07 Richard Kreckel- Import namespace std globally.
2001-01-06 Christian Bauerwhen normal() doesn't recur any further because the...
2001-01-03 Christian Bauerjust a test
2001-01-02 Richard Kreckel- cleanup, removed some obsolte comments and warnings.
2001-01-02 Richard Kreckel- Add Denny-Fliegner test.
2001-01-02 Richard Kreckel- GiNaC-cint: Change to new (still experimental) scheme...
2001-01-02 Richard Kreckel- power::derivative(): slight optimization.
2000-12-30 Christian Bauer-DIN_GINAC moved from CPPFLAGS to INCLUDES (as suggeste...
2000-12-30 Christian Bauerman pages are included even if they are compressed
2000-12-22 Richard Kreckel- fixed typo.
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- utils.cpp, version.h.in: add version information... release_0-7-0
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Some minor fixes.
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Makefile.am: target clean should remove G__*.
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Updated dependencies in INSTALL.
2000-12-08 Richard Kreckel- Eduardo Kalinowskis documentation add-on.
2000-12-07 Richard Kreckel- ctor numeric from char* now honors Digits variable.
2000-12-05 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2000-12-05 Christian BauerInclude files were not properly included in package
2000-12-05 Richard Kreckel- It's CLN, not LIBCLN. sigh^2.
2000-12-05 Richard Kreckel- It's CLN, not LIBCLN. sigh.
2000-11-25 Richard KreckelTransition to the (yet to be released) CLN 1.1.
2000-11-25 Richard KreckelTransition to the (yet to be released) CLN 1.1.
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerremoved non-sources from CVS
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerdisabled automake maintainer mode
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerremoved non-sources from CVS
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerall man pages now display the current GiNaC version...
2000-11-16 Christian Bauer- added man page for ginac-config
2000-11-14 Alexander Frinknew iterative mul::expand()
2000-11-14 Alexander Frinkdoobiidoo
2000-10-29 Richard Kreckel- inifcns_trans.cpp: Added rules for atan(+/-1).
2000-10-29 Richard Kreckel- INSTALL: Added success report for Cint 5.14.55,56.
2000-10-25 Christian Bauer- non-integer powers are treated as 0 by (l)degree...
2000-10-24 Richard Kreckel- Corrected use of macro AM_PATH_GINAC.