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2003-08-21 Christian Bauerremoved unused function
2003-08-21 Christian Bauermore efficient constructors
2003-08-21 Christian Bauerex_to<>(), is_a<>() and is_exactly_a<>() weren't inlined
2003-08-20 Christian Baueradded exams and timings for exhashmap<>
2003-08-20 Christian Baueradded exhashmap<> as a replacement for map<> that uses...
2003-08-20 Christian Bauercleaned up specializations of swap()/iter_swap()
2003-08-20 Christian Bauerfixed typo
2003-08-18 Christian Baueradded ex::const_iterator, ex::begin(), ex::end()
2003-08-18 Christian Bauer- string -> const char * (compiles about 100 times...
2003-08-15 Jens Vollingasynced to 1.2
2003-08-15 Richard Kreckel* acinclude.m4 (GINAC_CHECK_ERRORS): exit with non...
2003-08-14 Christian Baueradded test for structure<> template
2003-08-14 Jens Vollingasynced to 1.2
2003-08-14 Jens Vollingasynced to 1.2
2003-08-14 Christian Baueruse new-style print methods
2003-08-13 Christian Baueruse new-style print methods
2003-08-13 Christian Bauerlst(0) now works as expected
2003-08-06 Christian Bauerprint methods can be replaced at run-time with set_prin...
2003-08-06 Christian Baueruse new-style print methods
2003-08-06 Christian Baueruse new-style print methods
2003-08-06 Christian Bauerprint_tree: only print the "nops=" line when nops(...
2003-08-06 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-07-31 Christian Bauerremoved debug code
2003-07-31 Christian Baueruse new-style print methods
2003-07-31 Christian BauerDEFAULT_PRINT macros generate new-style print methods
2003-07-31 Christian Bauerinitialize print_context registry on startup
2003-07-31 Christian Bauer- print_context::duplicate() wasn't virtual
2003-07-25 Christian Bauerimplemented double dispatch for print(); methods are...
2003-07-25 Christian Bauerfixed compilation problem after the registered_class_op...
2003-07-22 Christian Bauer- added registry for print_context classes (use print_c...
2003-07-21 Christian Bauer- split registered_class_info into the actual per-class...
2003-07-21 Christian Bauerhash value computation for indices takes index dimensio...
2003-07-21 Christian Bauerremoved unnecessary const_cast
2003-07-21 Christian Bauernormal() uses an additional reverse lookup map
2003-07-21 Christian Bauergenerous use of subs_options::no_pattern
2003-07-21 Christian Bauersubs_no_pattern -> no_pattern, subs_algebraic -> algebraic
2003-07-21 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-07-21 Christian Bauersubs_no_pattern -> no_pattern, subs_algebraic -> algebr...
2003-07-21 Christian Bauersubs_no_pattern -> no_pattern, subs_algebraic -> algebraic
2003-07-17 Christian Bauerfixes for gcc 3.4
2003-07-17 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-07-14 Christian Bauertinfo_key wasn't set correctly in certain constructors
2003-07-11 Christian Bauerdescribe ex_is_less and ex_is_equal
2003-07-11 Christian Bauersubs() and normal() use maps instead of lists, resultin...
2003-07-11 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-07-11 Christian Bauerruns with sizes 50,100,200,500 instead of 25,50,100...
2003-07-10 Christian Bauertiny optimization in subs()
2003-07-04 Christian Baueradded 'structure' to class list
2003-07-04 Christian Bauer- added structure template
2003-07-02 Christian Bauermerging 1.2 branch into main trunk
2003-06-30 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-06-30 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-06-30 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2
2003-05-06 Christian Bauer- updated docs
2003-04-30 Christian Bauerfunction(unsigned, const exprseq &) constructor clears...
2003-03-24 Christian Baueruse "rpmbuild" instead of "rpm"
2003-03-20 Christian Bauerfixed typo
2003-03-05 Christian Bauerupdated the logic in the numeric(int) constructor
2003-03-04 Christian Bauer*** empty log message ***
2003-03-04 Christian Bauerfixed some compiler warnings
2003-03-01 Christian Bauerfinalized 1.0.14 release_1-0-14
2003-02-27 Christian Bauerunit_matrix() uses a heap-allocated matrix
2003-02-20 Christian Bauersynced to 1.0
2003-02-20 Christian Bauerfunction_options::do_not_evalf_params() now actually...
2003-02-20 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-02-20 Christian Bauerexpanded the section on adding symbolic functions to...
2003-02-19 Christian Bauerupdated the section about lists
2003-02-19 Christian Baueradded a section about automatic evaluation
2003-02-19 Christian Bauer- exprseq and lst are commutative (they shouldn't appea...
2003-02-19 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-02-07 Christian Bauergcc 2.95 doesn't have the <limits> header
2003-02-05 Christian Bauerdimension in dirac gamma contractions was miscalculated
2003-02-05 Christian Bauer- complex numbers are printed correctly (using the...
2003-02-05 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-02-04 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-02-04 Christian Bauerdummy index renamer ignores index dimensions
2003-01-27 Christian Bauerfinalized 1.0.13 release_1-0-13
2003-01-25 Christian Bauersynced to 1.0
2003-01-23 Christian Bauereven better dummy index symmetrization
2003-01-23 Christian Bauertwo arrays were declared "static" that shouldn't have...
2003-01-22 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-01-21 Christian Baueradded missing minimal_dim() from 1.1 branch
2003-01-21 Christian Bauer- prepared for 1.0.13 release
2003-01-21 Christian Bauerprepared for 1.0.13 release
2003-01-06 Christian Bauerfixed description of find() behavior
2002-12-03 Christian Bauerfixed some typos
2002-12-03 Christian Bauercleaned up some is_a<> vs. is_exactly_a<> stuff
2002-11-27 Christian Bauer- collect_common_factors() works better with negative...
2002-11-27 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-11-21 Christian Bauer- added collect_common_factors()
2002-11-21 Christian Baueradded collect_common_factors() (is this a good name?)
2002-11-21 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-11-21 Christian Baueradded symbolic_matrix()
2002-11-21 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-11-21 Christian Bauerfixed a bug in the dummy index symmetrization [Chris...
2002-11-21 Christian Bauer- powers with negative exponents are printed as fractio...
2002-11-21 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-11-20 Christian Bauer- added Dirac gammaL and gammaR objects (chiral projectors)
2002-11-20 Christian Bauerdocumentation update (Clifford algebra)
2002-11-20 Christian Bauerdocumentation update