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2000-12-30 Christian Bauer-DIN_GINAC moved from CPPFLAGS to INCLUDES (as suggeste...
2000-12-30 Christian Bauerman pages are included even if they are compressed
2000-12-22 Richard Kreckel- fixed typo.
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- utils.cpp, version.h.in: add version information... release_0-7-0
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Some minor fixes.
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Makefile.am: target clean should remove G__*.
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Updated dependencies in INSTALL.
2000-12-08 Richard Kreckel- Eduardo Kalinowskis documentation add-on.
2000-12-07 Richard Kreckel- ctor numeric from char* now honors Digits variable.
2000-12-05 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2000-12-05 Christian BauerInclude files were not properly included in package
2000-12-05 Richard Kreckel- It's CLN, not LIBCLN. sigh^2.
2000-12-05 Richard Kreckel- It's CLN, not LIBCLN. sigh.
2000-11-25 Richard KreckelTransition to the (yet to be released) CLN 1.1.
2000-11-25 Richard KreckelTransition to the (yet to be released) CLN 1.1.
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerremoved non-sources from CVS
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerdisabled automake maintainer mode
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerremoved non-sources from CVS
2000-11-16 Christian Bauerall man pages now display the current GiNaC version...
2000-11-16 Christian Bauer- added man page for ginac-config
2000-11-14 Alexander Frinknew iterative mul::expand()
2000-11-14 Alexander Frinkdoobiidoo
2000-10-29 Richard Kreckel- inifcns_trans.cpp: Added rules for atan(+/-1).
2000-10-29 Richard Kreckel- INSTALL: Added success report for Cint 5.14.55,56.
2000-10-25 Christian Bauer- non-integer powers are treated as 0 by (l)degree...
2000-10-24 Richard Kreckel- Corrected use of macro AM_PATH_GINAC.
2000-10-11 Christian Bauerupdated a little
2000-10-05 Christian Bauerupdated spec file which is now also included in the...
2000-10-05 Richard Kreckel- config.guess, config.sub: upgraded from FSF.
2000-09-26 Richard Kreckel- target distclean removes G__*, which are sometimes...
2000-09-26 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint status.
2000-09-23 Richard Kreckel- pseries::print(): did not insert parenthesis when...
2000-09-18 Richard Kreckel- matrix::inverse(): Added a shortcut for sparse cases.
2000-09-18 Richard Kreckel- matrix::gauss_elimination(): Added a shortcut for...
2000-08-29 Richard Kreckel- Fixed a memory corruption in matrix::determinant_minor().
2000-08-28 Christian Bauer- removed non-sources from CVS
2000-08-21 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint status.
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Duh, we had some style discussion again...
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- removed the compatiblity stuff for broken slink linkers.
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Inserted some more std:: to make it compile under...
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Updated from FSF.
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Corrected Cint 5.14.45 status.
2000-08-12 Richard Kreckel- Changes to make it more ANSI-conformant. Stuff detec...
2000-08-12 Richard Kreckel- New file.
2000-08-12 Richard Kreckel- Same shit as Christian did yesterday in ginac/.
2000-08-11 Christian Bauer- more indentation fixes
2000-08-11 Christian Bauer- fixes to the indentation
2000-08-11 Christian Bauer- indentation is now done with tabs
2000-08-10 Richard Kreckel- Huh, \includegraphics doesn't like dots. Disabled. release_0-6-4
2000-08-10 Richard Kreckel- Complete revamp of methods in class matrix. Some...
2000-08-04 Christian Bauer- fixed normal((b*a-c*a)/(4-a)) bug: heur_gcd() only...
2000-08-04 Christian Bauer- added check for normal((b*a-c*a)/(4-a)) bug
2000-08-04 Richard Kreckel- Check the normal(c-(b*a-c*a)/(4-a)) bug.
2000-08-04 Richard Kreckel- Check *this for zeroness before .invert()ing it.
2000-08-02 Christian Bauer- fixed "normal(2-2*(1+a)/(-1-a))" bug: add::normal...
2000-08-02 Christian Bauer- added check for "normal(2-2*(1+a)/(-1-a))" bug
2000-07-31 Christian Bauer- I'm fired. Fixed a really stupid bug in sr_gcd()...
2000-07-31 Richard Kreckel- Fixed an assertion-thinko in matrix::fraction_free_el...
2000-07-31 Richard Kreckel- Bernard Parisse's patch for Order_eval().
2000-07-27 Richard Kreckel- Fixed a thinko in atan(const numeric &).
2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Bumped up version to 0.6.3. release_0-6-3
2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Inserted date.
2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Made determinant_algo (in flags.h) really work.
2000-07-22 Richard Kreckel- Fixed the bug that broke xloop's po_redux.
2000-07-21 Richard Kreckel- Derivatives are now assembled in a slightly different...
2000-07-07 Richard Kreckel- added a warning that things like sin(Li2(x)).series...
2000-07-07 Richard Kreckel- added a test for Li2(sin(x)).series(x==0,8).
2000-07-06 Richard Kreckel- Introduced derivative of Li2.
2000-07-03 Richard Kreckel- Patches needed for cygwin.
2000-07-03 Richard Kreckel- suppress zero-terms in expansion.
2000-06-22 Richard Kreckel- version.h: change triggered. release_0-6-2
2000-06-22 Richard Kreckel- stamp-vti, version.texi: bumped up version to 0.6.2.
2000-06-22 Richard Kreckel- exam_mansamples.cpp, exam_paranoia.cpp: fixes and...
2000-06-22 Richard Kreckel- configure, configure.in: Bumped version up to 0.6.2.
2000-06-21 Christian Bauer- '#' as the first character of a line starts a comment
2000-06-21 Christian Bauer- constructor from strings once again accepts Lisp...
2000-06-21 Christian Bauer- moved polynomial interpolation in heur_gcd() to its...
2000-06-15 Richard Kreckel- cint/*: Revamped the launch-scheme for ginaccint...
2000-06-09 Richard Kreckel- pseries::print(): Make it print more nicely.
2000-06-07 Richard Kreckel- bernoulli(): Really sped the Bernoulli numbers up...
2000-06-06 Christian Bauer- whoops, accidentally commented out gamma series test...
2000-06-06 Christian Bauer- fixed bug in Euclidean PRS algorithm
2000-06-06 Christian Bauer*sigh* when will we move the Makefile.in's out of CVS?
2000-06-06 Christian Bauer*sigh* when will we move these files out of CVS?
2000-06-05 Richard Kreckel- ginac/operators.cpp: added some missing debugmsg...
2000-06-02 Richard Kreckel- bernoulli(numeric): speedup.
2000-06-01 Richard Kreckel- Fixed syntax errors that hit only when not defining...
2000-06-01 Richard Kreckel- Added CPPFLAGS to makecint.
2000-05-31 Richard Kreckel- config.guess config.sub ltconfig ltmain.sh: updated...
2000-05-29 Richard Kreckel- Cleaned up launching procedure for ginaccint.bin.
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- Updated note about how to compile with Cint.
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- triggered.
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- WIP.
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- Fixed wrong conversion documentation: fibonacci(numer...
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- config.guess, config.sub: updated to newer version...
2000-05-19 Richard Kreckel- Fixed "unterminated sed command".
2000-05-18 Richard Kreckel- Added version.h.in to EXTRA_DIST. release_0-6-1
2000-05-18 Richard Kreckel- texinfo.tex: upgraded to newest version from FSF.
2000-05-18 Richard Kreckel- Included manpage in dist.
2000-05-18 Richard Kreckel- Additions for version 0.6.1.