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2015-10-31 Richard KreckelRemove support for Cint.
2015-10-31 Richard KreckelRemove unfinished code for hash table-based expairseq.
2015-10-15 Richard KreckelFix make check with g++ -std=c++11.
2015-10-10 Richard KreckelFix some apparent typos and misindentations 2.
2015-10-10 Richard KreckelFix algebraic power::has() for larger integer exponents.
2015-09-21 Richard KreckelInclude crc32.h only if needed.
2015-09-21 Richard KreckelRemove unused variable.
2015-07-31 Richard KreckelFix parser example in tutorial.
2015-07-31 Richard KreckelFix some apparent typos and misindentations.
2015-07-27 Richard KreckelFinalizing release 1.6.5. ginac_1-6-5
2015-07-24 Stefan WeinzierlFix bug in PolyLogs of rational numbers.
2015-07-18 Richard KreckelSpeed up pow(+(...),n).expand() where n>2.
2015-07-18 Richard KreckelFix pow(+(...),2).expand().
2015-05-08 Richard KreckelFinalized 1.6.4 release. ginac_1-6-4
2015-05-07 Richard KreckelFix pow(+(...),2).expand().
2015-04-23 Richard KreckelAdd test cases for improved abs(arg).
2015-04-22 Vladimir KisilImprove abs(arg).
2015-04-22 Vladimir KisilFix pow::info(info_flags::nonnegative).
2015-04-22 Vladimir KisilFix mul::info(info_flags::nonnegative).
2015-04-14 Vladimir KisilMake power::expand() (x*p)^c -> x^c * p^c, if p>0.
2015-04-14 Martin ValaMake compile_ex() work with CMake.
2015-03-14 Ladislav ZejdaImprove normalization with nested functions.
2015-02-08 Vladimir V... Fixing index in tutorial.
2015-02-08 Vladimir V... Explicit derivation of functions.
2015-01-31 Vladimir V... Put a reference on eta function into tutorial.
2015-01-25 Richard KreckelHappy new year!
2015-01-25 Vladimir V... Small optimization in simplify_indexed.
2014-12-31 Vladimir V... Evaluate abs(z)^(2n) -> z^n * conjugate(z)^n.
2014-11-27 Richard KreckelFinalized 1.6.3 release. ginac_1-6-3
2014-10-20 Alexei SheplyakovPrepare for 1.6.3 release.
2014-10-14 Richard KreckelUpdate copyright statements.
2014-10-14 Richard KreckelThe FSF has moved (long ago).
2014-10-12 Stefan WeinzierlFix log() error in multiple polylog G.
2014-10-12 Stefan WeinzierlFix evaluation of some G-polylogs.
2014-09-12 Alexei SheplyakovG_numeric: fix evaluation with y == 1
2014-09-07 Alexei SheplyakovAdd more ex::is_polynomial() tests
2014-08-22 Vladimir V... Providing default (un)archiving for cliffordunit class.
2014-07-25 Richard Kreckel[bugfix] ex::is_polynomial(x): fix miscomputations
2014-07-22 Richard KreckelFix example of symmetrization in tutorial.
2014-07-21 Alexei Sheplyakov[bugfix] log_series: avoid infinite recursion
2014-05-18 Alexei SheplyakovFix an infinite loop in factor_multivariate.
2014-04-12 Stefan WeinzierlG_do_hoelder: fix the transformation of the imaginary...
2014-02-12 Stefan WeinzierlG_numeric: fix numeric evaluation with trailing zeros...
2014-02-03 Richard Kreckel[docs] remind users tho send EOF marker when doing...
2014-02-02 Alexei SheplyakovBinary compatibilty has been broken, update the library...
2014-02-02 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Document that Python is required for building...
2014-02-02 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Fix `make pdf' for out of the source (auto...
2014-02-02 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Include the generated sources (function.{h...
2014-02-02 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Include CMake related files into the tarball.
2014-02-02 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Include the helper scripts into the tarball.
2014-02-02 Alexei Sheplyakovcheck: auto* tools build: compile and run check_mul_info.
2014-01-28 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] ginsh: fix `make distcheck' failure.
2014-01-28 Alexei Sheplyakovlog_eval: don't apply the log(x^p) -> p*log(x) rule.
2014-01-28 Stefan WeinzierlLi_eval(): avoid the "numeric::operator>(): complex...
2014-01-12 Stefan WeinzierlFix S_num for arguments close to the sixth root of...
2014-01-12 Stefan WeinzierlFix G3_evalf and G3_eval for real and negative x.
2014-01-12 Stefan WeinzierlWithin mLi_numeric, set signs of the imaginary parts...
2014-01-12 Stefan WeinzierlAvoid calling log(1-x) for x=1 in Li_projection.
2013-12-28 Vladimir V... Fix evaluation of log(p^a) -> a*log(p), if p>0 and...
2013-12-15 Matthias Dellwegexpairseq::match(): no side effects if match failed...
2013-11-03 Vladimir V... Expansion rules for exp(), log(), and abs().
2013-11-03 Vladimir V... Introduce expand_options::expand_transcendental.
2013-11-03 Richard KreckelKeep CLang/libc++ happy.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... abs() and conjugate() provide some info() now.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... Make it possible to override info() for functions.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... Power with a real base and even exponent reports that...
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... Improve abs_eval(): abs(conjugate(z)) => abs(z), ...
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... Functions can define a custom expand() now.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... More evaluation rules: abs(x^n) => abs(x)^n (x > 0...
2013-10-16 Vladimir V... Transform abs(x)^n => x^n if x is real and n is even.
2013-10-16 Alexei Sheplyakovmul::info(): cache the result of the positiveness/negat...
2013-10-16 Alexei SheplyakovIntroduce status_flags::{is_positive,is_negative,purely...
2013-10-11 Richard KreckelAdd subdir-objects to Automake options.
2013-08-11 Richard Kreckel[build] fix ginsh build for automake <=1.11.
2013-08-11 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] auto* tools based build: fix `make dist'.
2013-08-02 Vladimir V... improve mul::info(): the product of two negative terms...
2013-07-31 Richard KreckelFix build from git repository.
2013-07-31 Richard KreckelAdd support for Texinfo-5.0.
2013-07-31 Richard KreckelShut up recent texinfo warning.
2013-07-31 Richard KreckelShut up recent automake warning.
2013-07-30 Vladimir V... Add the case of c1=-1 and c2>0 to the rewriting rule...
2013-07-28 Alexei Sheplyakov[bugfix] factor_univariate(): handle polinomials over...
2013-01-23 Richard KreckelAdd symbol::set_TeX_name(string) member function.
2012-07-27 Alexei SheplyakovMake FindCLN actually work without pkg-config.
2012-07-27 Alexei SheplyakovTrick CTest so the test suite runs when cross-compiling.
2012-07-27 Alexei SheplyakovWork around Tex Live 2012 versus doxygen problem.
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] GiNaC can be built with CMake now.
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Move library version info into the version...
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Rewrite ginsh related sed scripts in python.
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Move archive version info into version.h (for...
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Define package version number in version.h...
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] include config.h conditionally to not break...
2012-07-17 Alexei SheplyakovConvert function.pl into C++ (well, almost) source...
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[bugfix] Always #include <lst.h> before using lst....
2012-02-28 Alexei Sheplyakov[BUGFIX] numeric::info(nonnegative): correctly handle...
2012-02-23 Alexei SheplyakovMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/AlexeiSheplya...
2012-02-23 Alexei Sheplyakovconfigure: correctly set rpath for linking with CLN ...
2011-12-08 Richard B.... Documentation: Update branch cut convention
2011-11-06 Jens VollingaPreparing for release 1.6.2. release_1-6-2
2011-10-28 Jens VollingaParser can now read GiNaC lists (lst) defined by braces.