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- Renamed flag NO_GINAC_NAMESPACE to NO_NAMESPACE_GINAC because of m4.
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2000-01-27 Christian Bauer- building GiNaC in a separate directory now works
1999-11-25 Christian Bauer- automake 1.4 was complaining about EXTRA_DATA in...
1999-11-19 Christian Bauer- some files were missing in the distribution
1999-11-18 Christian Bauer- added on-line help system
1999-11-17 Christian Bauer- libginac.la no longer includes a dependency on librea...
1999-11-11 Christian Bauer- removed strdup() replacement from ginsh
1999-11-11 Christian Bauer- "make dist" should now include all necessary files...
1999-11-09 Christian Bauer- switched to automake build environment