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Finalize 1.7.2 release.
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2017-01-10 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.2 release. release_1-7-2
2017-01-09 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2016-10-01 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.7.1 release. release_1-7-1
2016-04-05 Richard KreckelMerge branch 'c++11' in preparation for version 1.7.0.
2016-02-29 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.6.7 release. release_1-6-7
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2015-12-20 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.6.6 release. ginac_1-6-6
2015-07-27 Richard KreckelFinalizing release 1.6.5. ginac_1-6-5
2015-05-08 Richard KreckelFinalized 1.6.4 release. ginac_1-6-4
2015-01-25 Richard KreckelHappy new year!
2014-10-20 Alexei SheplyakovPrepare for 1.6.3 release.
2014-10-14 Richard KreckelUpdate copyright statements.
2014-02-02 Alexei SheplyakovBinary compatibilty has been broken, update the library...
2013-10-16 Vladimir V. KisilFunctions can define a custom expand() now.
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] GiNaC can be built with CMake now.
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Move library version info into the version...
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Move archive version info into version.h (for...
2012-07-17 Alexei Sheplyakov[build] Define package version number in version.h...
2000-08-28 Christian Bauer- removed non-sources from CVS
2000-08-10 Richard Kreckel- Complete revamp of methods in class matrix. Some...
2000-07-21 Richard Kreckel- Derivatives are now assembled in a slightly different...
2000-06-22 Richard Kreckel- version.h: change triggered. release_0-6-2
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- triggered.
2000-03-29 Christian Bauer- expressions can now be read from streams; the input...