Univariate Hensel lifting now uses upoly.
[ginac.git] / ginac / integral.cpp
2008-10-19 Alexei SheplyakovDon't force every algebraic class to implement archivin...
2008-10-19 Alexei SheplyakovWipe out remnants of custom RTTI.
2008-10-19 Alexei SheplyakovA better return_type_tinfo() mechanism.
2008-03-27 Jens VollingaMerge commit 'origin/master'
2008-03-26 Richard B. KreckelMerge git://www.ginac.de/ginac
2008-03-25 Richard B. KreckelHappy new year!
2007-04-02 Richard Kreckel* Fix compilation issues with prereleases of GCC 4...
2007-02-01 Richard Kreckel* Happy New Year(s)!
2006-12-11 Chris DamsAdded some abses to the code for numerical integration.
2006-02-22 Chris DamsReviving return_type_tinfo-system.
2006-01-19 Jens Vollinga- New tinfo mechanism
2005-09-18 Richard Kreckel* Make lookup in adaptivesimpson precision-aware. ...
2005-09-14 Richard Kreckel* Fix typo: the last argument to adaptivesimpson was...
2005-05-01 Richard Kreckel* Last week, the FSF has moved their office.
2005-02-22 Christian BauerHappy new year!
2005-01-08 Richard Kreckel* Fix static initialization order fiasco.
2004-10-14 Christian Baueradded error handling to op()/let_op()
2004-10-12 Jens VollingaAdded integral class.