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- Made determinant_algo (in flags.h) really work.
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2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Made determinant_algo (in flags.h) really work.
2000-07-22 Richard Kreckel- Fixed the bug that broke xloop's po_redux.
2000-04-29 Richard Kreckel- introduced info_flag::algebraic.
2000-02-21 Alexander Frinkcontainer.pl: can now generate constructors for an...
2000-02-10 Christian Bauer- normal() now internally keeps numerator and denominat...
2000-01-30 Richard Kreckel- Renamed flag NO_GINAC_NAMESPACE to NO_NAMESPACE_GINAC...
2000-01-24 Richard Kreckel- Added some comments for doxygen.
2000-01-11 Richard Kreckel- made nops() return unsigned instead of int
1999-12-13 Richard Kreckel- introduced info_flags::cinteger, info_flags::crational,
1999-12-02 Alexander Frink#ifndef around namespace GiNaC { }
1999-11-17 Christian Bauer- put everything in "GiNaC" namespace
1999-11-16 Christian Bauer- modified the comment blocks so the copyright message...
1999-11-10 Christian Bauer- enforced GiNaC coding standards :-)
1999-11-09 Christian Bauer- switched to automake build environment