- We now write f(x).series(x==3,5) instead of f(x).series(x,3,5) and
[ginac.git] / doc / tutorial / stamp-vti
2000-03-15 Richard Kreckel- Updated for Version 0.5.4.
2000-02-23 Richard Kreckel- Version and date reflect 0.5.3
2000-02-16 Richard Kreckel- set micro_version to 2.
2000-02-07 Christian Bauer- cint dir was missing from distribution
2000-01-26 Christian Bauer- updated dates
2000-01-19 Christian Bauer- added a chapter about archiving of expressions
1999-12-14 Richard Kreckel- Corrected some minor texinfo flaws in tutorial
1999-12-01 Christian Bauer- added 'ginac-config' script and 'ginac.m4' macros...
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- requires autoconf 2.12 and automake 1.4
1999-11-25 Christian Bauer- tutorial now built with texinfo