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Replace idx_is_not functor by a C++11 lambda.
[ginac.git] / doc / tutorial / classhierarchy.fig
2003-07-04 Christian Bauer- added structure template
2001-06-30 Richard Kreckel- insert class fderivative.
2001-06-05 Richard Kreckel- ++version_major.
2001-03-21 Richard Kreckel* tensdelta is an atomic class.
2001-03-20 Richard Kreckel* Adjusted to current class shuffling.
2000-04-20 Richard Kreckel- New figure classhierarchy.fig, which we all know...
2000-01-19 Richard Kreckel- updated class pseries
1999-12-13 Richard Kreckel- introduced info_flags::cinteger, info_flags::crational,
1999-12-10 Richard Kreckel- changed behaviour of numeric::is_rational() and added...
1999-11-12 Christian Bauer- docs now under automake control