bug fix for output of interactive expression
[ginac.git] / cint /
2000-02-03 Alexander Frinkbug fix for output of interactive expression
2000-02-02 Richard Kreckel- Extended manpage.
2000-02-02 Richard Kreckel- diff() is now only defined on classes ex and basic...
2000-01-31 Christian Bauer- updated Makefiles
2000-01-30 Richard Kreckel- Renamed flag NO_GINAC_NAMESPACE to NO_NAMESPACE_GINAC...
2000-01-28 Alexander Frinkgenheader.pl: create a header file 'cint_workaround...
2000-01-17 Alexander FrinkModification in output of last returned expression
1999-12-14 Alexander Frinkfirst release of GiNaCcint