- Cleaned up launching procedure for ginaccint.bin.
[ginac.git] / cint / ginaccint.bin.cpp
2000-05-29 Richard Kreckel- Cleaned up launching procedure for ginaccint.bin.
2000-05-17 Alexander Frinkspecial commands '.cmd' can now also be invoked with...
2000-05-16 Alexander FrinkSupport for cint versions older than 5.14.38 is discont...
2000-05-11 Alexander FrinkMore features for GiNaC-cint:
2000-05-10 Alexander Frinkenhanced ginaccint.bin.cpp (help, read from file, save...
2000-02-23 Alexander Frinkbetter handling for comments in ginaccint.bin.cpp
2000-02-21 Alexander Frinkseveral more workarounds to make cint work with ginac
2000-02-17 Alexander Frinknew conversion functions basic -> ex in dummies.h needed
2000-02-14 Richard Kreckel- fixed broken target clean in Makefiles.
2000-02-07 Richard Kreckel- */Makefile.in: changes triggered by newer automake.
2000-02-03 Alexander Frinkbug fix for output of interactive expression
2000-02-02 Richard Kreckel- diff() is now only defined on classes ex and basic...