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[bugfix] log_series: avoid infinite recursion
[ginac.git] / check / exam_inifcns.cpp
2014-07-21 Alexei Sheplyakov[bugfix] log_series: avoid infinite recursion
2014-01-28 Alexei Sheplyakovlog_eval: don't apply the log(x^p) -> p*log(x) rule.
2013-11-03 Vladimir V. KisilExpansion rules for exp(), log(), and abs().
2013-10-16 Vladimir V. KisilMake it possible to override info() for functions.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V. KisilImprove abs_eval(): abs(conjugate(z)) => abs(z), ...
2013-10-16 Vladimir V. KisilMore evaluation rules: abs(x^n) => abs(x)^n (x > 0...
2011-02-04 Richard KreckelExtend copyright to 2011.
2010-05-13 Richard KreckelExplicit function disambiguation.
2010-05-13 Richard KreckelExplicit function disambiguation.
2010-03-05 Jens VollingaCopyright goes 2010.
2010-03-05 Jens VollingaCopyright goes 2010.
2010-02-27 Richard KreckelUpdate copyright notice.
2009-02-06 Jens VollingaPrettified source code.
2009-01-08 Jens VollingaFixed bug in binomial(). binomial(n,0) erroneously...
2008-03-27 Jens VollingaMerge commit 'origin/master'
2008-03-26 Richard B. KreckelMerge git://www.ginac.de/ginac
2008-03-25 Richard B. KreckelHappy new year!
2008-03-04 Alexei Sheplyakovcheck: indicate the test failures with non-zero exit...
2007-02-01 Richard Kreckel* Happy New Year(s)!
2005-05-01 Richard Kreckel* Last week, the FSF has moved their office.
2005-02-22 Christian BauerHappy new year!
2004-01-08 Christian BauerHappy New Year!
2003-07-17 Christian Bauerfixes for gcc 3.4
2003-07-02 Christian Bauermerging 1.2 branch into main trunk
2003-01-21 Christian Bauerprepared for 1.0.13 release
2002-01-25 Richard Kreckel* Finilize version 1.0.4 (version numbers, copyrights... release_1-0-4
2001-06-27 Richard Kreckel- eta(x,y) was broken all along since ages: eta(I,I...
2001-01-22 Richard Kreckel- See if __GNUC__ < 2.97 before using std::vector<...
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Duh, we had some style discussion again...
2000-08-12 Richard Kreckel- Same shit as Christian did yesterday in ginac/.
2000-03-30 Richard Kreckel- dramatic speedup for characteristic polynomials of...
2000-03-26 Richard Kreckel- As advertised: we are calling the Gamma function...
2000-03-21 Richard Kreckel- gamma() -> Gamma().
2000-03-15 Richard Kreckel- New file exam_inifcns.cpp holds some functions that...