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adjusted for the fact that "A + c" is now rejected by add::eval if A is
[ginac.git] / check / exam_archive.cpp
2001-06-27 Christian Baueradjusted for the fact that "A + c" is now rejected...
2001-06-11 Christian Baueradapted for new method of specifying symmetries
2001-05-25 Christian Baueradded wildcard and spinormetric classes to check
2001-05-10 Christian Bauermore checks (more, MORE, BWAHAHHAAA!... uhm, ...) for...
2001-05-04 Christian Bauer- more clifford checks
2001-04-20 Christian Bauer- dirac_one() -> dirac_ONE()
2001-04-06 Christian Baueradded check for archiving system