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- mentioned to_rational() and input parser
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2000-04-07 Christian Bauer- mentioned to_rational() and input parser
2000-03-30 Richard Kreckel- dramatic speedup for characteristic polynomials of...
2000-03-26 Richard Kreckel- As advertised: we are calling the Gamma function...
2000-03-24 Christian Bauer- ginac.h includes version.h (created by configure...
2000-03-23 Richard Kreckel- We now write f(x).series(x==3,5) instead of f(x)...
2000-03-21 Richard Kreckel- gamma() -> Gamma().
2000-03-15 Christian Bauer- update NEWS file
2000-03-15 Richard Kreckel- Updated for 0.5.4.
2000-03-02 Richard Kreckel- Changed behaviour of .evalf() to not evalf any exponents.
2000-02-29 Richard Kreckel- Completely restructured the checks in subdir check/.
2000-02-23 Richard Kreckel- Clarification. release_0-5-3
2000-02-23 Richard Kreckel- Version 5.0.2 -> 5.0.3
2000-02-14 Richard Kreckel- preparations for release 0.5.1
2000-02-12 Richard Kreckel- Chronological order, please.
2000-02-07 Richard Kreckel- inserted correct date.
2000-02-02 Richard Kreckel- diff() is now only defined on classes ex and basic...
2000-01-30 Richard Kreckel- Renamed flag NO_GINAC_NAMESPACE to NO_NAMESPACE_GINAC...
2000-01-25 Christian Bauer- mentioned archiving
1999-12-13 Richard Kreckel- Brought to the 0.4.1-level.
1999-11-26 Christian Bauer- added some more information to NEWS and README
1999-11-17 Christian Bauer- put everything in "GiNaC" namespace
1999-11-09 Christian Bauer- switched to automake build environment