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G_eval: fix incorrect use of STL iterator.
[ginac.git] / INSTALL
2009-06-10 Jens VollingaRaised required version of CLN to 1.2.2.
2009-02-06 Jens VollingaAdjusted NEWS and INSTALL documentation.
2008-09-09 Jens VollingaMerge branch 'master' of git://ffmssmsc.jinr.ru:443...
2008-09-09 Alexei Sheplyakovdon't mention CVS any more, describe how to install...
2008-08-21 Alexei SheplyakovFaster, better (recursive descent) expression parser.
2008-03-18 Alexei SheplyakovINSTALL: libreadline is not mandatory; ginsh builds...
2008-03-18 Alexei Sheplyakovupdate the compiler info; tell users to avoid GCC 4.3.0
2007-12-14 Alexei SheplyakovImprove instructions for installing GiNaC from CVS.
2007-09-05 Jens VollingaRemoved reference to autogen.sh [Sheplyakov]
2007-02-05 Jens VollingaSynced to ginac_1-3:
2006-08-14 Jens VollingaFixed generation of tutorial and reference in html...
2005-10-20 Christian Bauerfixed URLs and stuff
2005-07-08 Jens VollingaFixed information about required autoconf/make versions.
2005-07-04 Jens VollingaModernized configuration files [A.Sheplyakov].
2004-10-14 Christian Baueradded CVS instructions
2004-08-11 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2 (documentation building)
2004-02-25 Richard Kreckel* Don't mention sloooow mirror sites for CLN.
2003-07-02 Christian Bauermerging 1.2 branch into main trunk
2001-11-05 Richard Kreckel* Remove timing for -O0, people really shouldn't use it.
2001-10-27 Richard Kreckel* Headers only include <iosfwd> from now on, since...
2001-10-26 Richard Kreckel* Remove support for <strstream>. It is too bug-ridden.
2001-09-20 Richard Kreckel- Explain what's going on with <sstream>.
2001-06-07 Richard Kreckel- don't recomment EGCS any more, it's crappy.
2001-06-06 Richard Kreckel- config.*: updated from FSF.
2001-05-07 Richard Kreckel* Updated Cint status.
2001-04-24 Richard Kreckel* Push towards 0.8.2.
2001-04-15 Richard Kreckel* INSTALL: adjusted Cint status.
2001-03-22 Richard Kreckel* INSTALL: reflect Cint status.
2001-02-28 Richard Kreckel* prepare for landing of version 0.7.3.
2001-02-17 Richard KreckelReflect version number 0.7.2 and update Cint status.
2001-02-07 Richard KreckelChangeLog: mention cvs log (must be non-empty for Debian)
2001-01-22 Richard Kreckel- See if __GNUC__ < 2.97 before using std::vector<...
2001-01-16 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint mileage report.
2001-01-02 Richard Kreckel- GiNaC-cint: Change to new (still experimental) scheme...
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Updated dependencies in INSTALL.
2000-11-25 Richard KreckelTransition to the (yet to be released) CLN 1.1.
2000-11-25 Richard KreckelTransition to the (yet to be released) CLN 1.1.
2000-10-29 Richard Kreckel- INSTALL: Added success report for Cint 5.14.55,56.
2000-09-26 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint status.
2000-08-28 Christian Bauer- removed non-sources from CVS
2000-08-21 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint status.
2000-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Corrected Cint 5.14.45 status.
2000-08-10 Richard Kreckel- Complete revamp of methods in class matrix. Some...
2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Made determinant_algo (in flags.h) really work.
2000-06-22 Richard Kreckel- configure, configure.in: Bumped version up to 0.6.2.
2000-06-15 Richard Kreckel- cint/*: Revamped the launch-scheme for ginaccint...
2000-06-05 Richard Kreckel- ginac/operators.cpp: added some missing debugmsg...
2000-05-31 Richard Kreckel- config.guess config.sub ltconfig ltmain.sh: updated...
2000-05-23 Richard Kreckel- Updated note about how to compile with Cint.
2000-05-18 Richard Kreckel- Bumped up version to 0.6.1, incremented binary- and...
2000-05-16 Richard Kreckel- Adjusted build-environment for "Cint without crutches...
2000-05-11 Richard Kreckel- Updated Cint install status. release_0-6-0
2000-03-15 Richard Kreckel- Updated the timings. release_0-5-4
2000-02-29 Richard Kreckel- Completely restructured the checks in subdir check/.
2000-02-16 Richard Kreckel- Fixed wrong behaviour of new warning scheme. release_0-5-2
2000-02-16 Richard Kreckel- Made configure warn a lot when readline-stuff couldn...
2000-02-07 Richard Kreckel- Added Cint 5.4.24 as known not to work. release_0-5-0
2000-02-07 Richard Kreckel- Added Cint 5.4.25 to the list of working Cints
2000-02-07 Richard Kreckel- Changes to */Makefile.in triggered by stupid automake...
2000-01-30 Richard Kreckel- Renamed flag NO_GINAC_NAMESPACE to NO_NAMESPACE_GINAC...
2000-01-25 Richard Kreckel- Updated section about CLN to current status (need...
1999-11-29 Richard Kreckel- clarified timings
1999-11-22 Richard Kreckel- Fixed the timings-table
1999-11-10 Christian Bauer- created AUTHORS and README files, updated INSTALL
1999-11-08 Richard KreckelInitial revision