descriptionCLN - Class Library for Numbers
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last changeThu, 22 May 2014 08:04:58 +0000
CLN - Class Library for Numbers. See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
2014-05-22 Richard Kreckel Fix support for Mips64. master
2014-04-23 Marcin Juszkiewicz Add AArch64 support.
2014-01-16 Richard Kreckel Revert "Convert complex numbers to real numbers if...
2014-01-13 Richard Kreckel Convert complex numbers to real numbers if imaginary...
2013-10-19 Richard Kreckel Minor fixes for recent CLang.
2013-10-11 Richard Kreckel Add subdir-objects to Automake options.
2013-07-21 Richard Kreckel Finalize CLN 1.3.3 release. cln_1-3-3
2013-07-20 Richard Kreckel Avoid compiler warning.
2013-07-19 Richard Kreckel Support for Texinfo-5.0.
2013-02-15 Daniel Schepler Support x32 ABI.
2013-02-08 Richard Kreckel Update to recently found large Mersenne prime.
2012-10-09 Richard Kreckel Fix some conversions to cl_SF, cl_FF, and cl_DF.
2012-10-06 Richard Kreckel Fix integer input with leading zeros in power-of-two...
2012-04-01 Richard Kreckel Detect s390x and sparc64 as 32-bit architectures.
2012-03-18 Richard Kreckel Avoid input stream fail state when reading number at...
2012-03-02 Richard Kreckel Fix bug in converting cl_LF to float, double.
13 months ago cln_1-3-3 CLN releaes 1.3.3.
3 years ago cln_1-3-2
4 years ago cln_1-3-1 Finalize release 1.3.1.
5 years ago cln_1-3-0 CLN release 1.3.0.
6 years ago cln_1-2-2
6 years ago cln_1-2-1
6 years ago cln_1-2-0
8 years ago cln_1-1-13
8 years ago cln_1-1-12
8 years ago cln_1-1_maintenance-branchpoint
8 years ago cln_1-1-11
8 years ago cln_1-1-10
9 years ago cln_1-1-9
10 years ago cln_1-1-8
10 years ago cln_1-1-7
10 years ago cln_1-1-6
3 months ago master
8 years ago cln_1-1